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Sherman DWI/BWI Lawyer

A night with friends out on the town can quickly turn grave as a few too many drinks and ill-advised decisions lead to police car lights in your rear view mirror.

When you find yourself facing DWI charges, a situation you never thought you'd be in, turn to the attorneys you can trust. At Wynne & Smith, we understand what you are up against. We know how to fight the charges and will help you avoid costly consequences.

To arrange a free consultation, please call Wynne & Smith today at 903-893-8177. We realize these cases require around-the-clock availability, and we are never more than a phone call away when you need us.

Grayson County Drunk Driving Defense Attorney

A DWI conviction can lead to costly fines and classes, at best. At worst, you could have your driver's license suspended for a year and even serve jail time. The court system takes this behavior very seriously, and without the skill of a DWI lawyer, you risk feeling the full brunt of the punishments.

We will review your case and find instances of inconsistencies, including investigating if the arresting officer had probable cause for pulling you over. As in every case we try, we will put forth the diligent effort to assemble all the pieces for a solid case. We will review the evidence and find the inaccuracies, attacking the tests with the help of toxicologists and breath supervisors.

We have represented many Austin College students facing drug charges. As a student, you run the risk of losing financial aid or even being removed from classes. Suddenly, one mistake can reshape your future. Don't gamble with representation that doesn't understand how best to defend you.

Texas and Sherman DWI/BWI Attorney

We also assist in cases of BWI, or boating while intoxicated. These cases are tried in much the same manner as DWI, but involve additional factors that could make the difference in your case. We understand what is at play, and we will fight the charges.


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