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Sherman Criminal Law Attorney

Anyone facing criminal charges needs the skill of an experienced criminal defense attorney, and they need that defense as soon as possible.

At Wynne & Smith, we provide clients board-certified criminal defense that won't back down. Some firms may claim to be made up of aggressive trial lawyers, but we live it. We are in court every week fighting for the rights of our clients. We are highly regarded for our strength of litigation, exceptionally prepared cases and high success rate.

To arrange a free consultation, discussing your case and your rights, please call Wynne & Smith today at 903-893-8177. We understand that you need an attorney who is available around the clock, and we are never more than a phone call away.

Sherman Criminal Law Attorney

We defend all types of criminal offenses, and we can help you. We represent clients in charges, including:

Our firm's success is built upon a high standard of preparation. We carefully review all evidence involved in the case and uncover the truth. Our goal is to go into court knowing more than what the law enforcement knows. We study past case law and gather the opinions of key experts. Knowing what we are up against, we will put in the exhausting hours needed to ensure that you are protected with the most well-prepared case possible.

Upon this standard, we have built a reputation of success with legal professionals and law enforcement. It is reflected in our high success rate.

As you enter court, you can be confident that our team is standing beside you with a defense that will not back down or be intimidated.

Texas and Grayson County Drug Possession Attorney

If you are facing drug charges, you can count on a team that has the experience you need. We have dealt with all variety of drugs, products and charges related to them. We will do the hard work to defend you against the staggering consequences of a conviction.


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